Protecting Your Area Rug from All Issues

Your area rug is vulnerable to all manner of stains, wear and tear throughout the course of its life. The longer it remains in your home, the more vulnerable it becomes. Between the accumulation of dirt and sediments from continued traffic by your family and guests and the likelihood of accidental spills, it’s imperative that you have a quality area rug cleaning resource ready and able to keep it looking as new as the day you bought it. Our experienced and qualified cleaning professionals use the safest, non-toxic and most effective products to ensure a quick and through cleaning of your rug. We provide same-day service and offer the quickest turnaround in the industry. We will come and take your rug and deliver it back to you once it’s been cleaned to your satisfaction.

How Often Should I Clean My Rug?

The frequency with which you clean your rug depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to whether or not there are pets in your home, how often walk on it, air quality in your home and more. Most industry experts agree that area rugs should be cleaned at least annually, with the recommendations for more trafficked rugs being around six months. A dirty or overtly soiled rug can create a variety of health issues, including but not limited to asthma, allergies and more. Simple, routine cleaning can eliminate these health issues and improve quality of life in your home or professional space.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Once you schedule your rug cleaning, our friendly and knowledgeable cleaning technicians will come to your home, remove your rug with minimal disruption and have it cleaned in a matter of hours or days. Our experts take extra special care to preserve the integrity of your rug during the cleaning process and are familiar with every type of fiber and rug type available. Call Rug Cleaning Scarsdale today at 914-888-5540 to schedule your next area rug cleaning.

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