Rug Cleaning Scarsdale recognizes that you our friends and neighbors on Westchester have multiple rug cleaning services to choose from and that they may be wondering what distinguishes us from other options in the area. We are exceedingly proud of our ability to efficiently and thoroughly clean all types of area rugs, deliver the highest level of customer service and do our part to protect your home and family from health risks that are often associated with dirty or dusty rugs. Call the experienced and qualified rug cleaning experts at Rug Cleaning Scarsdale today at 914-888-5540 to learn more about why you should choose us.

Exemplary Service for All Types of Rugs

Whether you need delicate and sensitive cleaning of your treasured multi-generational family heirloom rug or need serious deep cleaning of your Persian or Oriental carpet, we are here to help. Over our years of serving clients in Scarsdale and the rest of Westchester, we have become familiar every type of expensive area rug in existence and are ready to put our experience skills to work for you. There is no area rug that we can’t clean, repair and bring back to life. We understand that our customers have diverse needs, and we have committed ourselves to providing the education and service you need to keep your rug looking and feeling like new.

Cleaning and Service You Can Trust

We use the safest products and most convenient methods to cut down on hassle and health risks. Using the wrong chemicals or being to abrasive with your rug can very quickly break down its fibers, decrease its longevity and ruin the item for good. Our professionals know exactly how to clean, mend and treat each stitch and fiber of your area rug, whether it’s silk, wool, cotton or anything else, so it looks as new and feels as plush as the day you brought it home. Don’t run the risk of trusting an inexperienced rug cleaning service with your precious investment.

We Make House Calls

Another factor that sets Rug Cleaning Scarsdale apart from many other rug cleaners in Westchester is our convenient and hassle-free home pick-up and drop off services. We understand that our clients are busy and that many of them are just downright unable to transport their rug across town to get it cleaned. Our service professionals and cleaning technicians will come to your home, take your rug to our facility and bring it back when it is fully cleaned and/or mended. If you’re living in Scarsdale and need quality and affordable area rug cleaning services, there’s simply no better choice than Rug Cleaning Scarsdale. Call us today at 914-888-5540.

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